Last Publications

Event Code: ICAP18
Paper Title: Evolution of Cultural Intelligence in Students Working in Multi-national Teams: A Case-Study
Author(s): Dulce Pacheco; Scott M. Stevens
Event Code: ICAP18
Paper Title: Collaborative Learning: Leaders' Selection Method and Team Performance
Author(s): Dulce Pacheco; Luísa Soares
Event Code: ICMA18
Paper Title: An Approach of Non-cyclic Nurse Scheduling Problem
Author(s): Dragan Simić; Dragana Milutinović; Svetislav D. Simić; Svetlana Simić
Event Code: ICAP18
Paper Title: Education and attachment: dropping out school failure
Author(s): Dora Isabel Fialho Pereira; Rosa Maria de Castro
Event Code: ICAP18
Paper Title: Personalizing paper-and-pencil training for cognitive rehabilitation: a feasibility study with a web-based Task Generator
Author(s): Ana Lúcia Faria; Sergi Bermúdez i Badia